Sunday, October 7, 2012

Adventures in Customer Service

So, last night I chatted with a bunch of crazies at my job, some who made me laugh, some who made me want to hang myself with my own headset cord to just end the torture, but either way, its always eventful to work in customer service. I thought I'd share a couple stories of my more eventful calls...

My very first call of the day came from a gentlemen who,  although very nicely, started his call out by informing me that although he loved the company he will happily sue us for breaching our contract if we don't allow him to tether his computer to his cell phone with no limits. First of all,  wouldn't we all love to use our internet on our phones with no limits, however, last I time I checked, cell phone companies aren't non-profits. So they are going to look out for their bottom line, lets be honest, most companies do and so do most people. Anyways, I told him I completely understood his frustration, and how important it was to get online. After reviewing his account, I notice he doesn't have the feature added and proceed to inform him that in order to use his device as a hotspot, he will need to add it...oh, and it costs 14.99.  Well, of course, he starts throwing a fit, telling me how he works for several large, well-known magazine companies as a freelance writer and he has NO problem writing an article about our practices and publishing it and making sure we get a black mark against us, not only that he has no problem suing us for breach of contract. I take issue with this for a couple reasons, first of all, your saying you cant afford 14.99 a month, yet you publish articles in famous magazines, secondly, you cant afford 14.99 but you can afford the lawyer to sue us, and lastly Sir, you haven't been under contract with us for 5 I'm unsure what contract it was we breached. So, in other words, FAIL. Of course, I don't say these things, if I did, Id be fired in under 2.5 seconds.
Next call was less annoying and more entertaining. The gentleman calls in to tell me he has words scrolling across the side of his screen and he cant make it stop. Ok. So in an effort to find out what it is , so we can make it stop, I ask, can you read me what it says? No, I cant read it. Is it unreadable or? Nope, I just cant read. Ok. Did you install any apps recently and then it started? No. Whats your background? My mother. (First of all the man in question is at least 30 years old.) The entire conversation so far, I can hear what sounds lie a nasaly, New Jersey voice in the background talking or what sounds like bitching to me. I figure it his wife. I figure wrong. So as I continue to ask him questions and he continues to have a nervous breakdown over this scrolling issue. And by breakdown, I mean his voice is getting higher pitched, cracking and he's telling me he cant handle this shit and its just too much for him. So, of course, we are getting nowhere. This is the point since, he cant read to me what it says and we are unsure if its app related or alerts from the phone...I tell him he can take it in store and they can read the alerts and figure out what it says. He proceeds to tell me that if he goes in store, he'll go to jail. What? He says he'll go to jail cause they talk to him like he's an idiot and he'll end up punching one. Great. At the point he's crying at the idea of going in store...I hear the nasaly female voice get louder and tell him "Get the fuck off my phone, I'm tired of listening to you cry like a baby about your stupid phone, you just don't know how to use it. Hang up the phone now!" His response? "Shutup Mom!" Wait...your Mom is your background and she is yelling at you to get off the phone and your clearly over 18? bhahahaha. I hear her continue to scream at him to get off his phone, and he tells me, forget it, that he has to go, cause his Mom thinks he's retarded and is making him. The call ends. And I laugh...

And that's the end of my adventures for today....I'm sure Ill have more stories later on, because in the crazy world of customer service, you never know whose going to be on the other end.

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