Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Heart is a Lonely Hunter....

Today is my birthday. Ive spent most of it on pinterest, pinning various items that I think I might need to do/see/make, etc to my boards. I love electronic hoarding, its an amazing waste of time.
I also spent some time talking to London. London is guy I've talked to through online means, ie. Skype, Email, Facebook for some time now. He's pretty funny, sometimes I have no clue what he is saying but its sexy none the less. I'm pretty convinced he could say something like, "please clean the bathroom" and make it sound like the most amazing and sexual thing ever. He can be difficult though, seeing as how he is several thousand miles away and busy. I feel like after 2 might be time to take the jump and meet him. Feels like a safe move for the most part. Of course, taking a risk is involved in meeting anyone I suppose. Anyone could be a serial killer right? :O 
Ill be the first to admit I like to let my imagination run wild in regards to this man. Maybe he's a serial killer, maybe he's married with 40 kids, maybe he's an international spy...maybe he wants a green card. Who knows?
I'm not always sure though, as he can be kind of hot and cold. One day talking all day and one day not talking at all. Of course, I'm always fairly certain I have really high expectations of men and that both Disney and Romance novels have created this for me. Not to mention I always wanted to be Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman....not a hooker, but swept away by a super hot, wealthy man who cant live without me. A girl can dream right? Or Carrie in Sex and the City...swept away by Mr. Big.
At this point though,  I might just settle for some one who remembers my birthday, and keeps up a conversation.
I find myself flitting listlessly from man to man, bored to tears after no more then what feels like a minute. And unfortunately, I'm not the only one. Cougar informed me she also is quite bored with the men in her life, that perhaps its time for some new blood after last nights fiasco and feeling of "Eh" after the evening was over. So ladies, I ask do you solve the boredom? Do you simply find new toys to play with or do you try to stick it out with the trusted, tried, and true and make it work?

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  1. I would say it would depend on the guy, and the relationship. Cause I myself have a tendency to get bored after a while, I like to try be a little adventurous at times. If things get stale and I feel like I'm dating a friend, then it's time to move on. but the feelings of "Just friends" isn't there and there is more, I tend to try to work things out until, it's definite time to move on, cause it's not worth fighting for anymore.