Wednesday, October 3, 2012


I sit here on my couch, getting messages from a couple different of my "online boyfriends" (as my mom likes to call them) contemplating why it is that we try to connect this way? Does it do our soul good to just have any type of communication? Who cares if we only know them by their screen names..."MasterGrower420", which we all know what that means....squinty eyes and lots of snacks on that date....or "SuperJock69" Great. Not only does he think he's the captain of the football team again...he very well still might be 16 mentally, cause I'm fairly convinced no self respecting man over 25 uses the number 69 for anything unless its referring to his grandmothers 69th b-day party. And of course any guy who responds to the second chat message as "oh your so hot, xoxoxxo", cant possibly be trying any harder to make me not interested.
My friend the Cougar texts me at the same time to tell me how she has one of her younger men coming over to "entertain" her, we like to refer to him as "The One Who Cannot be Named", since they originally met when we all worked at the same call center and we couldn't loudly announce to everyone that she was jumping up and down on this fine young man. So this leads me to wonder, do we need men for more then the occasional conversation and/or "entertainment" reasons?
With the ability of us to make our own money now, buy our own homes, cars, etc....have we lost the "need" to be married and maintain long-term relationships? As me and my friends move about in this world, we seem to become more independent and less interested in putting ourselves out there for serious relationships. While I contemplate this, of course, Im still messaging back and forth through this ridiculous online dating site...waiting for my "KnightinShiningArmor1" to show up on the screen and convince me why, I should meet him outside the virtual world, and how he can whisk me away to his castle in the clouds. I suppose I'm a hopeless romantic.

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