Friday, June 21, 2013

Guess whose back?!! Let's play catch-up!

So, its been a crazy, hectic last several months with big changes and even more chaos then normal. When we last spoke, I was working in customer service and contemplating how to enforce a law that would require people to take IQ tests prior to buying phones...this way they are matched with the best phones suited to their needs and ABILITIES. I was also dating several people and talking online to even more. None of that's changed. Still working the same job.....still talking to the same men. Boring, I know.
However, other recent events have occurred. I went back to school, sure I'm only taking one to two classes a semester, but its a start right? I may be 90 by the time I finish but at least I can say I'm a college graduate some day. I find the classes interesting, they are online and definitely takes a lot of self control to do homework rather then watch Big Bang Theory and get my nerd fix or watch True Blood and get my HUNK fix...(Oh Joe day you'll make me the perfect 2nd husband). The students are different. Some read instructions, some clearly don't. Makes group tasks rather interesting to complete. School is school though and just as boring as it was when I was 16. I love to learn, however, being made to write essays about subjects I could care less about is never fun. Ah well. Poor me. :)
Anyways, on the relationships front, I've been in a bit of a lull. Actually, make that a giant STOP sign. I still talk to Loveland who only wants an on call vagina, and Tennessee, who just likes to have someone to complain to, and London, who just is. However, in an interesting twist, my ex, Alabama,  called me and said he would like to meet for dinner while he is in town on business (ie. court). Yes, he is winner. Its a little misdemeanor, that doesn't count right? Its not like he's Dr. Lector. I agreed to go, I'm curious will it be a booty call? How will it turn out? I'll keep ya posted. That's if he even shows, he tends to say a lot and do a little.
I also moved. I live in Colorado Springs, so saying that, it means the last two summers we've been going through fire seasons. On a serious note, I was very close to being evacuated in this most current one, called Black Forest fire. Several people I know were evacuated, and a few even lost their homes. My good friend, The Cougar, her parents lost their home. Its such a tragedy. My job was particularly close to it. My new home is not, however, the view from it is of last years burn if it rains too much, we'd be in flood danger. It feels as if we will never not have giant fires in our beautiful state. There has been so much loss already and still more to come as new fires are eating their way through my state as I type. The wind brings in the constant smell of fire....the sky is an odd shade of grey; the horizon is often times hazy with a orangish red moon at night. We go about our busy lives, when less then a mile from me are the burned out shells of former stunning, multimillion dollar homes that were ravaged by fire last year, and less then 10 miles away, the homes that have been ravaged by fire this year.  Its disheartening to drive in either of those directions, and my heart constantly goes out to all those affected in all the fires in this state.

On a lighter note, I discovered something new, they may become my new obsession besides shoes and purses.....subscription boxes. That's right. Monthly subscriptions to boxes of goodies. Ive started with two, Glossybox and Ipsy. I thought Id give them a whirl, try out their beauty products and if I like them maybe try more. I spend wayyyy too much money on hair/beauty goods in a month, so maybe this will curtail that a bit? I hope so and so does my checking account, although I suspect my credit card companies would prefer I keep spending ungodly amounts of time at Sephora. As I get the boxes I'll share what's in them and if their even worth the effort.

Well, it was nice catching up! Ill be back on again when I have updates or something interesting to tell!

Dueces, M

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