Thursday, July 4, 2013

Forbidden Fruit

Forbidden Fruit, the apple that was never supposed to be eaten. What is it about things or people or places that we aren't supposed to want that makes us want them that much more? Is it our inner desire to be rebellious? Do we all just have a natural streak of defiance, a little person on our shoulder, leather jacket on, smoking, who pushes his black sunglasses back up on his face and with a nonchalant only a rebel has, says to you, "Just do it. No one cares and even if they do, that's their problem. Do what you want." I've been talking to my ladies recently about our "Forbidden Fruit". Married men, bad boys, ex's...
I think we all have stories of our escapades with someone or something we should never have even looked at, let alone got involved with. We knew better, then we know better now. My focus right now is, why? Is the thrill of doing something "bad"? Are they  just that irresistible? Is it a combination of many things? The Cougar, has a married man who repeatedly tries to ask her out. Spam has a married man, has had several actually, that always want to talk dirty online. Are married people really that bored and lonely? For that matter, are single people that bored and lonely? What is about our society today that makes anyone think its ok to shoot me a picture of their dick on my cell phone at 1am...while their wife lays in the bedroom next to them. What makes a married person think its ok to chat with other people in an online format sexually, while their spouse sits in the room watching TV.
I dont have the answers. I wish I did. Then Id understand it better.

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